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Time to bring out some big news! I am moving on!
I opened this community on January 16th of 2009,and for over 2 and a half years this place has been the home of my graphics,the place where i came to share with you my creations,even if at times this was pretty much stopped,still i love this "baby" as much as i did in the same day i created it or even more and so far i have been a proud mama..or owner. Still life changes and other things happen and at some point we all need a fresh start to give a new step ahead and for that to happen i firmly believed and felt within me that it was time to let go of this.I don't mean letting go of doing icons,but letting go of this community and start something new. In this way i created A Cup of Graphics (acupofgraphics) , my new home where you are more then welcome to,more then welcome to watch and i know i will see quite a few of you in there,supporting me in this new phase. If you decide to don't come,no hard feelings,i understand that my graphics no longer interest you or you really don't want a new community to follow up. Said this i thought it would be nice to give you a little present so i leave you with a texture set.Not much or great but it's a little something that you more then deserve for standing up with me for over 2 years of work, over 500 people...wow,i'm still astonished!

Not a goodbye..just a see you soon!Collapse )

I will honestly miss all of you who decide not to come with me,but i will still care for you,whoever you are,and knowing the new community is open to all public,you can always pass by and say hi...maybe even grab a few things!!
The things i witnessed as a maker,the comments that made me grow,the constant learning,developing,experimenting..thank you all for standing by all that time,even when things were not as nice and bright!

So,moving on!!! Let's get to A Cup of Graphics!

22 August 2011 @ 07:45 pm

21 August 2011 @ 08:22 pm

I really have no flying idea what on earth is wrong with me,maybe i am simply sadomasochistic or just love to torture myself opening PS and trying things that go completely out of my control and what i'm used to.And today was one of those moments,it lead me to nearly tears,not to mention i felt extremely depressed,but that is quite common lately and everything mixed up gives me,one big crying emotional baby!
Well,i ended up with 6 large textures,something i haven't done in way too long and it's not like riding a bike,not at all,it's almost as if you had a strike of amnesia and forgot all basics,it's hard,it takes sweat,tears and blood and a hell load of other things that don't need to be mentioned.
Probably it's not worth it,doesn't pay off but here they are.

I should tell you,i'm disaster!Collapse )